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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

If you need your garage door springs replaced or repaired, out company has the skills, supplies and equipment needed to get it done right. So call us today.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Rely on us to fix garage door openers of all types and brands and their safety sensors and remotes quickly and accurately. Our specialized services include opener installation too.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Garage door repair services can mean the difference between making it to your essentially commitments on time, or missing your important responsibilities.

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A 24/7 emergency service specializing in garage door needs

Searching for valuable garage door information which is easy to apply? Our tips page will give you all you need and more. Learn how to take the right actions and decisions in order to enjoy reliable door performance at all times.

Prolong the life of the garage door

The best way to prolong the life of the door (including the panel and the rest of the components) is maintenance. Lubrication is important –the door will last longer when treated well and regularly. In addition, when you check, test and adjust the sensors often, you know that they can protect you if the one of the springs suddenly break. Basically, make sure you check the door's condition every few months to ensure it's in good condition.

Choose your opener wisely

Obviously, electric garage door openers are a must these days, and you need to get the right one for your home. The type of the door you own and its weight will determine which opener will be most appropriate and will help you choose the horsepower. Most residential garage doors need ½ horsepower but if the door is extremely heavy or oversized, you might need an even stronger one. If your ceiling is rather small, you're better off with a wall mounted opener. The noise level is also important. Although chain drive motors have undergone some improvements, they still make some noise. If you want complete silence, go for belt drive openers.
Finally, make sure your new opener has safety sensors and complies with the UL-325 guidelines.

Selecting the right glass doors

The demand for glass garage doors is on the rise as they are fashionable and practical. With that said, it's important to choose the right glass door. There are different types of panels and frames, and one can decide whether to insulate the door or not. Before any decisions are made, make a list of your own preferences and local conditions. Do you live in a friendly neighborhood? What's the weather like there? Whatever you choose, we recommend double layers and insulated panels. Insulated doors are perfect for any weather.

Keep your children safe

Although garages are not the place for kids to be in, many children spend a lot of their time in there. Is that wise? Well that depends on how safe your garage is. Besides storing sharp tools inside, it's important to take care of problems that are related to the garage door. You wouldn't want it collapsing on your kids. So, do yourself a favor and maintain it often. Pay attention to the condition of the springs and even more attention to the sensors.

Watch out for the common signs of a malfunctioning garage door

When a door is not operating properly, it does not open or close fully or does not stay in its place at it should. It may shake or hang on one side. Unusual sounds are among the most common signs of trouble.

Side hinged garage doors

Side hinged garage doors are easier to replace and, thus, a panel replacement will be completed faster and cost you less, according to our professionals. You must pay attention to the condition of the hinges and have them replaced when they're rusty.

How to keep a safe garage

Garage door maintenance will make the difference to the way the mechanism works. When the garage door parts are repaired and lubricated properly, you don't need to be concerned about them. Make sure the sensors are examined often, the springs are replaced on time and don't engage in any activities close or under the door. Ensure that the remote is kept out of children's reach.

Adjusting the travel limits of your opener

Did you know that you can determine on how high or low your garage door goes up or down when you're using an opener? When the door slams shut or doesn’t close all the way, simply call us and our experts will be able to adjust your opener's force and travel limits.

Lubricate the door regularly

Lubricating a garage door must be done on a regular basis to ensure the door's long lasting performance. Our experts recommend using either lithium or silicone spray on the chain rail's hinges, stems and metal rollers.

The four main garage door components

Everything about the garage door is important, but, according to our specialists, if the opener, springs, tracks, and cables are not well-maintained and/or replaced on time, they will start causing you trouble.

Pay attention to the cables

There's nothing fun about a broken garage door cable! That’s why our Garage Door Repair Danville professionals suggest the cables AND springs should be inspected regularly, since these are the two most dangerous components that can physically hurt you, especially if they are not lubricated.

Is the door too loud?

When your garage door makes an awful lot of noise, it's usually time to check the condition of the springs. Based on our experience, we advise you to check and lubricate all the mechanical parts of the door.  If the door is still noisy, you may need to have some parts replaced.

Clean your garage door often

You don't need much more than water and soap to wash your garage door clean, but in order to remove dirt from the tracks – be sure to follow the manual's guidelines. You can also seek consultation by giving our garage door repair company a call.

Secure your garage door

Garages are more than parking lots and/or storage rooms and if they're not secured properly they can be an entryway for burglars. That is why you should always lock your garage door and have it maintained on a regular basis to ensure the safety and security of your family.

Have your garage door repaired on time

Having your garage door repaired on time will guarantee the stability and proper operation of the door and, as a result, the security of your house, belongings and family.

Keep storage items away from the tracks

Your garage door's function may be affected if there are any items blocking either the tracks or the pathway of the door. Therefore, it is very important to organize your storage items in a way that they won't block the door's sensors.

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