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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

If you need your garage door springs replaced or repaired, out company has the skills, supplies and equipment needed to get it done right. So call us today.

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Rely on us to fix garage door openers of all types and brands and their safety sensors and remotes quickly and accurately. Our specialized services include opener installation too.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Garage door repair services can mean the difference between making it to your essentially commitments on time, or missing your important responsibilities.

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A emergency service specializing in garage door needs

Want to learn more about automatic garage doors? Our FAQ page is the right place for you. Get the answers to a variety of questions covering important topics. Here you will find lots of practical information and advice.

What do you mean by headroom?

Headroom generally refers to the measurable distance from the top of the garage door to the lowest point of the visible ceiling. It may also refer to any obstruction, like a garage door opener rail, ductwork, or pipes.

What is a backroom?

A backroom generally refers to the measurable distance from the actual garage door to the garage's back wall. As a standard measurement, the door height, added with an 18" count is needed for appropriately door installation. Additional backroom may be required if you are installing an electronic garage door opener.

Why garage door springs break?

Garage door springs are incredibly strong and they ought to since they are called to lift heavy doors. Though, their flexibility is loosened up over the years and depending on the frequency and quality of garage door repair, they will serve you properly or snap quicker. The weather conditions in Danville will also affect their condition and that's why they need good lubrication maintenance and replacement before they complete their life span. Otherwise, they will snap.

Which garage door lasts longer?

Many factors influence the longevity of the door. Its long lifespan is not only a matter of choosing the right material but also depends on local weather conditions, proper installation, frequency of maintenance and the quality of the garage door's parts. So, even if you get the strongest door, failing to maintain it properly or regularly will lead to its decay sooner or later. On the other hand, lightweight doors that are well-maintained will last longer. So, it's rather the combination of factors that will make a difference.

What is r-value?

R-value is the measurement of thermal resistance in the construction industry. It's the way the energy efficiency of garage doors is estimated and according to your needs you can order a door with a certain r-value. This way, you will have total control of the heat flow and prevent energy loss. Though, there are some differences and some tricks when it comes to choose the right r-value door. As an overall, the higher the number the higher the energy efficiency!

Still, don't get carried away by numbers only. Most certainly, having a door of r-16 is better than having a door with r-8 but the energy efficiency will not by increased accordingly. It will be better but it will only increase by 5% while you will pay more. So, you must choose according to the weather conditions of your region. If the temperatures reach extreme points, you might want to invest in this 5% more but as an overall it's good to check out and compare the prices before you decide.

In any case, do invest in insulated garage doors. They will make a tremendous difference to the indoor temperatures and your pocket for a long time. This is one of the things that you must not keep back in order to drop the overall garage door price. It will pay off very quickly and keep paying back for years.

How do I choose springs?

Garage door springs are chosen in accordance with the requirements of your current door and that's why garage door replacement usually entails checking and replacing springs as well. Since their purpose is to lift the door, the door's weight is the main determinant for selecting springs. This is how you must choose extension or torsion springs.

How to clean wooden garage doors?

Wooden garage doors require maintenance once every year. If the finish is in good condition, cleaning and touch-up work is adequate. Just remove the dirt and mildew with diluted mild household detergent, then rinse with water and dry. If not, clean the door and after drying, complete priming and finish coating.

Are garage door torsion springs better than extension ones?

They have several advantages. The torsion spring system has fewer components, so the risk of malfunction due to wearing and/or damage is lower. Additionally, these springs can be adjusted with winding to ensure that the door is properly balanced, while the extension ones cannot. They also have longer average cycle life compared to their counterparts - 10,000 cycles on average versus just 5,000 cycles.

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